Bulletin 9 February 7, 2020


The McNeely Library book fair is coming Feb 18th - 20th. Purchases from the book fair support our school library. Thank you for your continued support for literacy at McNeely!


Parent Teacher Conferences

Our term 2 conferences are coming up and you have hopefully received communication from your child’s teacher about when these are happening. Many teachers use the second term conferences as a student led conference where your child will lead you through what they have been learning. It’s a great opportunity for you to see what they have been doing and what they know about how they learn.

Will Stroet - Ready, Set Learn Concert

As part of the Ready, Set, Learn program, children’s musician, Will Stroet, will be playing at Mitchell Elementary School on February 26th.  This is the closest concert to McNeely but you can attend any of the events listed below. It is intended for Pre-school students. 


Notices home and communication via email.        

Reccently we have made sure that each McNeely family is receiving notification to the email address that has been provided for us. We have been using this email address to send only important school information out to you. This would include getting an update about school being open or closed for a potential “Snow Day” or an update on a lock-down/hold and secure event that happened in the community. Recently we used it to send out important communications from the school district around the Novel Coronavirus as well. Please check your 

And finally, we also send out these bulletins via email. If you have not been receiving (any of) these emails please check your bulk/junk filter email settings and then check with Ms. Farrow in the office to see if your current email address has been registered with us so that you can stay up to date in the future.  

Global Play Day

Did you know that February 5th was Global Play Day? Many of our students did and had a great day. Students refelected on what “play” looks like and had fun interacting face to face with other students while playing with “hands on” type games and toys instead of electronics.                          


Drumming Workshop- This Week

The school had a wonderful time working with expert drummer, Milton Randall this week. The students learned that drumming is a language and that humans have been communicating with drumming and song for a long time. The students also were able to practice their self-regulation and their ability to follow Mr. Randall’s instructions of when to play and when not to play during their group sessions.