School News

Our garden looks so wonderful - thanks, Mrs. West for watering and weeding!  
Mrs. Paxton and Mrs. Farrow will be in the school office on Monday, Aug. 29th - Friday, Sept.3rd. If you have questions, come by or give us a call!
Have a wonderful summer, everyone.  See you September 6th, 2016.
Mrs. Nistor and Mitsiadis' and Mr. Kanda's classes had extravaganzas of learning today!
It's Moustache Monday in Mrs. Neaves' and Court's class!
Thanks everyone, for making McNeely's Sports Day such a fantastic and fun day!
On Thursday last week, Mrs. Gingrich's students joined the Cambie Preschool for Mud Day!  It was fun!
Do a Sun Dance for Friday, everybody!  It's Sports Day!
Ms. Mills organized a trip to the Cambie Public Library for Ms. Daredia's and Ms. Nachbar's classes.  It was great!
Thank you, Langelaan Family for bringing some of your cows to school today!  We love them!
Reminder:  Friday is a Professional Day!  School is not in session as teachers will be learning new things.  Students get an early start to...
Parents are reminded that this Monday, May 16th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm the Regular Public Board Meeting will present the Budget Information for the next school...