Welcome to McNeely

Kathleen McNeely Elementary is Kindergarten to Grade 7 school.  We pride ourselves on being welcoming, inclusive and respectful of differences.  We work hard to make our school a safe and caring place, with a focus on learning and each individual learner.

Our school news...

Schools are Open Today, Friday, January 17th

All public schools are open toda, Friday, January 17tth.  It is icy out there, please dress warmly and give yourself extra time. 

All Public Schools in Richmond are OPEN today (Thu. Jan 16)

All schools in Richmond are open today for regular school hours.  See you soon.

School closed today (Wednesday June 15th) due to snow

Due to the inclement weather, school will be CLOSED today.

JR. NBA program

If children aged 4-8 are interested in playing basketball, McNeely parent, Crissy Benz, is coaching a set of sessions on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:00 at Mitchell Elementary. ...

All Richmond Schools are open for Monday January 13th

Please be extra safe on your way to school this morning.