Welcome to McNeely

Kathleen McNeely Elementary is Kindergarten to Grade 7 school.  We pride ourselves on being welcoming, inclusive and respectful of differences.  We work hard to make our school a safe and caring place, with a focus on learning and each individual learner.

Our school news...

How is your summer so far?

Families, here is a good article about summer boredom. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-vanessa-lapointe/why-you-should-do-noth...

School's Out For Summer!

See you in September! School is back in session on Tuesday, Sept. 5th.  Students will attend 8:45 - 9:45 am.  It is important that they come and be counted.  If your child will...

Sports Day!!!! We are outside today!

Thank you to the sunshine - we will be having Sports Day outside today!  Bring your best McNeely Super Hero Powers!  Wooo hoooo!

Thank you, Richmond FC!

Thank you to the Richmond Football Club for giving us three full days of soccer coaching.  We loved it!    

Hot Lunch Orders Due Friday, June 9th

Hot Lunch orders for Sports Day are due Friday, June 9th.  Please bring any cash orders to the office.  Concession will be available on Sports Day, next Friday, June 17th.