Our School Story

At McNeely, when we asked the questions, "What are you learning, how is it going and where to next?" students were able to describe the teacher-assigned immediate task they were involved in and it's relevance.  When we asked, "Can you name two or more adults in the school who think you will be a success in life?" they could answer that with ease, as well.  In the past three years, our focus has been on how students' ability to self regulate is connected to their learning environment.  Our hunch was that given choice and flexibility in how they best learn, students' enagagement and ownership of their learning will improve.

Now we are in a time of "checking."  Have our actions made a difference, enough of a difference, to student learning? We are now asking - Are students able to make their thinking and their learning visible in the flexible learning environments?  We hope to find the answers in students' voices and samples.