Outdoor Learning Space

One of our flexible learning spaces is outside.  We are really grateful to the district staff for supporting our vision, from the carpenter who built and installed the hose box, to the grounds crew who came and cunsulted with our teachers about our vision for the space.  Our current plans include building a presenting/teaching/seating area and a mud kitchen.  We recently planted four new, donated fruit trees in the McNeely Orchard.  We have designated one of the beds for digging, building, playing in the earth.  We have a sensory garden, a blueberry patch, and a grapevine.  Now we can't wait to plant our seasonal vegetables.

Some observations we have made about student learning:

  • Some students who struggle with pencil paper work, just seem to blossom when they are outdoors, coming alive with questions, connections and ideas.
  • Some students have become strong stewards of the environment through learning about life cycles and food chains.  One student chastised her classmate for chipping away at a rotting log because it is the home of the roly-ploy beetles.
  • Students who are usually picky eaters will try fruits and vegetable they have grown.  They are expanding their culinary horizons.

Stay tuned for more growing and learning.

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021