Using The Core Competencies In Our Flexible Learning Spaces

On our September Professional Development Day we broke into groups to explore the four flexible learning spaces that have been set up at McNeely for our staff and student use over the past couple of years. We had a free flow of movement between the four learning spaces, which are: The SmartLab, The Shop, The Learning Lounge and The Garden. At least one staff member was at each location and acted as a guide for the other staff who visited each learning space. The goal of the day was to look at these spaces and to see how they could be used to teach our students using the new curriculum and more specifically, how we could bring out the core competencies in those learning spaces. 

We had teachers record their questions/findings on chart paper.

We used some "I Can" statements created by the Sooke School District (at both the primary and intermediate level).

We asked where are we going in terms of using our flexible learning spaces in the future? 

We also gave each teacher non-laminated Core Competency "Shapes" with a magnet on them that can be used on their whiteboards for showing their students in what ways the core competencies are being explicitly taught. 

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021