September 2020, marked the start of a new school year unlike any other.  With the support of Vancouver Coast Health and the Richmond School District, our staff created the best learning environment and learning opportunities possible while keeping everyone safe.  The images in the slidshow reflects some of these examples during this year.  Most importantly, the events of the pandemic demonstrated how resilient our students and staff are. Learning was able to happen. It just looked different. Learning in class cohorts without access to longstanding McNeely traditions like buddy classes and assemblies meant that in many ways our students felt disconnected to the greater school community but well-connected to their classmates and teacher. Additionally, we began the year with approximately 80 of our 310 students learning from home (as Transitional Learners) but by the end of the school year this number was less than 20. Staff and students used their creativity and collaboration skills to plan learning that was both safe and meaningful.  We made the best of a year that will be reflected upon as one of the most challenging years in history.  With COVID cases dropping, we see the end of the pandemic in sight.  We look forward to a September with a greater sense of appreciation of our family, friends and school.



Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021