Scanning Our Learners Part 2

In Part 2- our second round of Walking Interviews we asked the following questions: 

1) Can you name 3 adults at school that believe you will be a success?  

2) What have they done to show you that back? 

3) What is one big idea that you are learning about in your class?  


Question 1- 

95% of the students interviewed could give the name of three adults. What was interesting was that it was not always the student's current teacher that was named.  

Question 2- Lots of great comments were gleaned from this section- These positive comments from students were shared with staff during staff meetings and weekly updates sent out to staff through emails. Some examples are included here:

Student: "They always respected my opinions and decisions...really gave me confidence.  They are always willing to help me when I needed it.  Always cheered me on and encouraged me."

Student: "Have asked what I want to be when I grow up...said I’d be a great Dr. As I am caring.  Lots of kind things to say about me."

Student: "Asked me to be a leader in gym and encouraged me to volunteer.  Written feedback telling me I did good work."

Student: "They push me to reach my potential."

Student: "Teach me things.  Correct me when needed.  They tell me they believe in me." 

Question 3- Not many students were able to correctly "articulate" this piece of evidence. In many cases the answers are to be best summarized by this statement: Student knows the topics they are studying but doesn’t recall the big ideas.  Remembers they talked about it in class. But is not able to recall the actual Big Idea. 

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021