Reconnecting and Caring for our Community

We began our year noticing that our community was coming out of the pandemic seeking normalcy, connection, and community. As a school team, we sought to understand this better by asking ourselves where gaps were in our community and interviewing students about how they experienced care at McNeely. 

In reflecting on the year and how we started vs where we finished, it is apparent that we've grown as a community. The biggest representation of this is our parent appreciation breakfast on June 23. Staff came together to show appreciation for families, and we had over 200 registered for the event. Teachers took on the event with gusto, purchasing food, inspiring students to decorate the gym, and waking up with the birds to cook for the community. The event radiated, pride, care, and gratitude. Students demonstrated excitement to have their families back in the school and to share a meal with their families. 

One parent commented that it felt like a big family meal with the whole community. 


Updated: Thursday, July 6, 2023