Our Focus

Where we started: At Kathleen McNeely, we are focusing on building and maintaining student engagement in learning.  We are learning, as teachers, to plan for all students in our care.  We aim to foster a strong sense of ownership in our students:  owners of their own learning.  

Previously, we focused on building and maintaining student engagement in learning through flexible learning environments and projects with authentic purpose we focused on developing a strong sense of ownership in our students. Our focus was on our students learning to be self- aware and increase their resilience. 

Where to next: For the past three years, at Kathleen McNeely, we have been scanning and developing a new focus on what is most important for our learners here at McNeely. Through interviews and conversations with staff and students we believe that in order to be able to learn effectively at school our students first need to be in a good place to learn. This includes being ready for school both socially and emotionally before any academic learning can begin. For each of our students this can look different. Having a caring school community to support our students to best access their learning in ways that are effective is something we are trying to build here at McNeely. This includes programs before and after school as well as learning and support for our students outside as well as in their classrooms. 

Our question: Which programs, structures and instructional practices will deepen care, cultivate connection, build belonging and increase engagement leading to student success.